Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ruthie - Brooklyn Museum

I love seeing people who do something unique with a standard look. In this case, it's the jean skirt. Ruthie's skirt is a classic jean skirt - straight, short, cute. A staple of any frum girl's wardrobe. But her shirt is what really makes this outfit stand out. The bohemian style softens the lines of her skirt, and the colorful design adds a bright touch to the outfit.
Ruthie's shoes were great. Classic and simple, they complimented the colors of her shirt perfectly. The lines intersecting the toe and heel made them visually interesting, and that smooth leather just makes me drool.
Also - I love Ruthie's bobbed sheitel. Who needs to pay $2,500 for a long sheitel when they can look awesome in a short one? (Of course, they could still probably buy a used car for the amount they'll pay for it, but it's cheaper than the longer ones!)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rafi - MIMULO, Crown Heights

Once again, we're featuring a dude on Hip in the Heights. It's a rare occurrence over here, less because there aren't well dressed gentlemen who cross my path and more because there are very few of whom I can photograph without them being, shall we say, overly complimented. (Perhaps this is an issue best addressed at a different blogging location.) Thankfully, in the safe haven of the remarkable flower shop Mimulo located on Albany Ave. between Eastern Parkway and Union St, under the supervision of the wonderful proprietors, Chanie Frankel and Fradel Levin, where you can purchase original and artistic flower arrangements for your spouse, host, or self, and, in general, escape the CH, I was able to capture the following:
Rafi is wearing an outfit (if anyone knows of a more masculine term, please inform me) that I liked for a few different aspects. The color scheme - gray, beige, black, tied together neatly with a coordinating scarf - is very sophisticated, and is also not black or navy blue. This is very important when judging a bochur's clothing. Has he managed to elude the restrictions upon his choice of clothing enough to be interesting and still be able to walk into 770, head held high? (Or in other words, conservative enough that no one will say anything.) 

Another aspect is contrast. Here, the pattern of his jacket and the heavy knit of his sweater create a contrast of pattern and fabric. The cut of the jacket and length of the sweater creates a contrast of shapes. 
Then of course, there is the all important, and highly favored, aspect of footwear. These are awesome. AWESOME. Stylized black - ooh, and don't forget pointy - wingtips? Awesome.