Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Levi, Union St, Brooklyn

This guy has one of the most eclectic styles on a man I've ever seen. Snow pants and cowboy boots, sweatshirt and leather jacket, short hair and a beard... But it works. I like the proportions of this clothing, the flare of the pants and the puffiness of the sleeves. His colors are muted and play off of each other. And the T-shirt!
Yes, that does say Chabad. Yes, that is the Bat Symbol. Yes, you can have a Chabad Bat T-shirt of your very own, AND you can buy it with maaser money. Send your donation to Chabad of Nashville, c/o me.

Levi's belt and belt buckle were also cool. Worn leather and etched silver... it doesn't get better.
Until you look at his shoes:

Those are frickin' incredible. I like it when guys wear insane shoes, but ones that are worn and dirty and scuffed. They have so much more character than shiny shoes.
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