Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rachel - Los Angeles, CA

Rachel is my (not actually physically related) cousin whom I love dearly, and miss dearly, because she is going to high school in Israel, the land of her soul. I took this picture in June, when she was finishing up her sophomore year at BCHS, my alma mater. I appreciated three elements about this outfit. The color, the coordination, and the (sheesh, I can't think of a word that starts with "c" to complete this sentence. If any readers have any ideas, please comment, and I'll edit accordingly) quirky touches.
The color: This shade of blue is a wonderful complement to Rachel's beautiful blondeness. It makes her skin look creamy and her eyes extra chocolately (ooh, I think I'm craving ice cream.) My point here is it's a great shade for her. The contrast between the dark blue shirt and the tan skirt is crisp and creates a nicely defined look.
The coordination: Take a closer look at Rachel's socks, and you will find the exact elements of her ensemble reflected there. I am a great lover of attention to detail and that definitely extends to footwear. (In fact, in a desperate moment when I was unable to find a pair of socks that matched my outfit, I chose to match my earrings to my socks.)
The (word starting with "c" that will imminently be inserted): The shoes. It's always about the shoes, but even more so in this scenario. Converse generally hold a special place in the portion of my heart devoted to fashion, but these! These! Colored laces - in only one shoe! Personal messages inscribed! Worn with socks and skirt! My affections overwhelm me!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Girl - San Jose Flea Market

BsdThis little girl was trailing her mother at the incredibly hige and hot San Jose Flea Market, yet still managed to look fresh and darling. One day, when I grow up and move to the South, this is what I want to wear when sipping mimosas and fanning myself as I sit on the porch swing.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mushky - Jewish Heritage Night, San Francisco

BsdThere's nothing like nachas. And there's nothing like feeling nachas when you're only twenty years old. And there's nothing to make you feel older than feeling nachas when you're only twenty years old. But how else do you describe the feeling of seeing a girl, whose three year birthday you remember celebrating, and realizing that she is a serious fashion contender? And also realizing that it's ten years later, and you are no longer a teen, and SHE IS.
Polka dotted shirt, a ball cap(and it is hard to wear one of those and look good!), and converse shoes? I wish I had looked like this at thirteen! (What was I thinking back then? Note to Self: Remember to burn pictures.).
A closer look at those suitably worn Converse: