Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zahava - Union and Albany, Brooklyn

Zahava has incredible style. I met in her in Israel, and she had incredible style. In Israel. In seminary (Ok, she was a madricha at Machon Alte, but still, it was seminary in Israel).
This outfit just embodies so many things I love. Perfect combination, an awesome and very comfortable looking dress, nude fishnet stockings, and ankle-strap spectator pumps .
A closer look:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Melanie - College Avenue, Berkeley

Sometimes, things are just meant to be. While out running errands with a friend in my hometown, I spotted this young lady. I commented to my friend that she would be perfect for my blog. "Go back and take the shot!", she encouraged me. So I turned and walked straight up to this excellently attired girl, gave my (neccessarily) brief description of what I wanted from her and why, and (thankfully) took the shot you see above. Any devoted reader can already surmise what attracted my fashionist eye. The colors, the shapes, the Converse. How often do YOU see purple, pink, orange, and blue combined with such flair? The shapes of the pants and the tank top were simple, as well as the shape of her hair, contrasting delightfully with the bold colors and more complex detail of her jewelry.
It was on taking a closer shot of said jewelry that I noticed something. Something that made me realize why I stumbled across this particular girl at this particular moment.
Can you guess?
Yup, the little bitty Star of David. "Are you Jewish?", I asked, and of course, she was. Not only Jewish, but about to set off on her first-ever trip to Israel. Not willing to let this oppurtune encounter slip away, and not being the type who carries neshek in her purse, I had to think fast. I pulled a dollar from my wallet and gave it to her. "Give it at the Wall," I said. "Have a safe trip."
I hope she did.