Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Goth Girl, Union Square

There are some people I meet that I have to photograph just because they look like they belong in a fairytale. In this girl's case, that would be the story of the punk goth fairy living on the streets of Manhattan. In real life, she's from somewhere rural... somewhere from the middle of America that starts with a P.
But look at this face:
Otherworldly, no?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sarah Rifka - Crown Heights

After being gone for so long, I had to come back with something awesome. This picture of my friend has been hanging around for AGES, waiting for me to get off my metaphorical blogging couch and post it. But here it is - and ain't it great?
I loved the floral print of her dress. Not many people can pull off something that colorful and patterened, and she does it with ease. Notice the black skirt beneath it, tzniusifying the dress, a trick I have since copied many times.
Her accessories were spot on, as well.
Pilgrimesque shoes are practical and cute at the same time. They balance the feminity of the flower pattern, just like this awesome belt does:
Keeping it in the vegatative theme, this belt is fantabulous.