Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Levi, Union St, Brooklyn

This guy has one of the most eclectic styles on a man I've ever seen. Snow pants and cowboy boots, sweatshirt and leather jacket, short hair and a beard... But it works. I like the proportions of this clothing, the flare of the pants and the puffiness of the sleeves. His colors are muted and play off of each other. And the T-shirt!
Yes, that does say Chabad. Yes, that is the Bat Symbol. Yes, you can have a Chabad Bat T-shirt of your very own, AND you can buy it with maaser money. Send your donation to Chabad of Nashville, c/o me.

Levi's belt and belt buckle were also cool. Worn leather and etched silver... it doesn't get better.
Until you look at his shoes:

Those are frickin' incredible. I like it when guys wear insane shoes, but ones that are worn and dirty and scuffed. They have so much more character than shiny shoes.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Goth Girl, Union Square

There are some people I meet that I have to photograph just because they look like they belong in a fairytale. In this girl's case, that would be the story of the punk goth fairy living on the streets of Manhattan. In real life, she's from somewhere rural... somewhere from the middle of America that starts with a P.
But look at this face:
Otherworldly, no?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sarah Rifka - Crown Heights

After being gone for so long, I had to come back with something awesome. This picture of my friend has been hanging around for AGES, waiting for me to get off my metaphorical blogging couch and post it. But here it is - and ain't it great?
I loved the floral print of her dress. Not many people can pull off something that colorful and patterened, and she does it with ease. Notice the black skirt beneath it, tzniusifying the dress, a trick I have since copied many times.
Her accessories were spot on, as well.
Pilgrimesque shoes are practical and cute at the same time. They balance the feminity of the flower pattern, just like this awesome belt does:
Keeping it in the vegatative theme, this belt is fantabulous.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shmuly, Mimulo

Shmuly is the Mimulo Man. And his personal style certainly suits the place. Suspenders? Suspenders are awesome. Also the slim fit of his clothes. Something that is all too rare in this world of Israeli, French, and other foreign nationalities of bochurim. Slim, but not tight. The color choice is also a good one. Not garish, very natural. Grey and green are great combinations. 

Adidas. I am very, very, very fond of Adidas. And check out the subtly striped pants. 

A closer look at the suspenders:

Great-Grandmother's Ring - Bunch O' Bagels

Just - lovely. I love unique, unusual pieces of jewelry that have a history. 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yehudis, Sara, and Chaya - Bunch O' Bagels

Let's start with Yehudis:
The tartan skirt was what originally caught my eye. I don't know why, but this vaguely British pattern is not one I see often. Worn with this buttery blue jacket, the plaid is visually arresting, but not jarring. And it fits Yehudis so well.
I also really enjoyed the usage of blue. I have a thing about matching/coordinating different elements in outfits, and Yehudis did just that very well.
A closer look at her braid, and casually knotted cream scarf:
I loved the detail on this jacket - the pocket, shoulder-thingy, tight sleeves.
Her boots were also unusual. They are the ubiquitous slightly worn brown leather, but the lacing at the ankle is something I've never seen. It contributed to the (unintentional, I'm sure) woodsman reference:

Now we move on to Sara. What drew me here was the soft colors and fabrics Sara used. I covet - very, very much so - Sara's beret. It is the perfect beret. Big enough and soft.... and a wonderful color. I wasn't quite able to catch it, but she also had this lovely embroidered detail on her capped sleeves.

Last - but not least! - we have Chaya. Chaya also had a lovely coordinated element to her outfit, and coincidentally, in the same color family. A perfectly faded jean skirt (another item I covet), intriguingly patterned hoodie with that delicious faux-fur color, and lovely, lovely Wellies.

Another thing I loved about Chaya (well, all the sisters, really) was her hair. She had it piled up in a semi-beehive:

Notice the red pen anchoring the whole shebang:

And an aged-to-an-almost-purple leather bag:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Raizel, BunchO'Bagels

BsdRaizel takes the typical frum girl spring silhouette and twists it. Yes, there's the jean skirt. Yes, there's the black jacket. Yes, there's the tights and flats and sunglasses and scarf. But they all have a twist (Well, except for the skirt. But you gotta have a base to build off of, you know?). I couldn't get a good shot of her military-inspired jacket, so please, click on the above photo for a better look. 
In the meantime, let's look at lovely purple sunnies that coordinate so well with the incongruous, but intriguingly patterned scarf (New York spring weather is sooo schizophrenic!).
Continuing the purple them, we have spunky footless tights worn with pleated sand-colored flats.