Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Carriage Biker, Central Park

I wish I had a better shot of this gentleman. But alas, I could only get this snapshot. Some of the details I noticed are still visible though. The camel colored vest, capri-lenght pants, and faded sneakers... his color blocking - blue pants and shirt, camel shoes and vest...
I was tempted to take a ride in the carriage just to take a picture, but I had no money on me. Maybe next time, biker dude!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rosie, Berkeley

This is Rosie Moon Schlussel, and her daughter, in a playground by the Berkeley Marina. Both of these ladies have quite the fashion sensibility, once again proving that taste is genetic. 
Rosie's use of color combined with texture is what drew me to her. The pixelated pattern of her quilted jacket and the contrasting lined pattern of her skirt breaks up what might be an otherwise overwhelming block of color. 
She's also not afraid of wearing colors not usually worn with red - the fuschia scarf and the purple hat are bold choices, but ones that add to the boldness and spunk of this outfit. In contrast, her cowboy boots are faded and worn, contributing a more relaxed aspect.
Her daughter is wearing a beautiful princess dress, and faux-fur (it is Berkeley) jacket - to the playground. I love this child!

A closeup of her beautiful and detailed scarf:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dassi, BunchO'Bagels

BsdThe proportions and colors of this outfit are so refreshing. The long cotton dress is something I'm looking forward to seeing more of as we leave winter behind and enter into spring (It's spring, dangit. I refuse to accept anything else.). It looks great on Dassi. Not only does it appear to be supremely comfortable, and a much cuter equivalent of the t-shirt and jeans (jean skirt) that you can just throw on and feel good in, but I love to see girls who step away from the standard tznius look. And the color is fantastic.
The buttery leather of her jacket is delicious, and contributes to the natural element in this outfit. It also ties in with these leather moccasins:
Moccasins are slippers you can wear in public - not to be confused with Crocs. (Crocs are unacceptable as realwear shoes. But moccasins are. Especially moccasins like these).
Dassi's feather necklace adds a whimsical touch.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hat, Union St (And a Few Other Things)

It's late, I'm tired, and wonder of wonders, I have work tomorrow. But I wanted to let everyone know I have a bunch of new posts coming up in the next few days, please G-d. In the meantime, enjoy the above snapshot taken on my block. I always am struck by people wearing outfits unusual for Crown Heights. This guy's snappy straw hat is definitely that. Unfortunately, he was across the street, and I wasn't able to chase him down for a better picture. 
Speaking of chasing people down - later that day, I had a traumatic experience. Leaving the subway near Central Park, I spotted a woman wearing Doc Martens and shorts over tights. It's a great look. I followed her out the exit, and up the stairs towards daylight. "Excuse me,"  I called. She looked over her shoulder and ran, yes, ran away. She ran away from little ol' me! Shocking.
People, spread the word. 
We bloggers - even the photo-bloggers - mean no harm.