Monday, August 18, 2008

Two Gentlemen of Style - Union Square, NYC and Simcha Monica, CA


These two guys have very different styles. I could probably have added a couple of exclamation points to that sentence. They have nearly nothing in common, except they are both wearing jackets and hats. Obviously, for very different reasons. But it's kinda nice to see your average Joe (okay, fine, maybe he's not your average Joe, but he's still just some dude off the street. Off the wall too, but being off the wall when it comes to fashion is so much fun!) 's take on the hat and jacket which is so prevalent in my world.

Here's Guy Number One, hereon to be referred to as " Mr. Pink Jacket".
I owe this shot to my old roommate, who literally chased him down the street for me. What caught our eye was, rather obviously, the color. That's one of the things that I look for in people's outfits, and especially appreciate when seen on men. Mr. Pink Jacket did a wonderful job of framing his aforementioned pink jacket by selecting a variety of sky-blues to complement it. Awesome gray homburg (guys, feel free to correct me if I identified the hat wrong), and shiny pink tie are perfect accessories. Oh, and the flower on his lapel was for his mother. Awwww.

Unfortunately, for Guy Number Two (Or Mr. Brown Suit), I did not have the luxury of actually asking him to pose for me, and therefore, didn't manage to get a shot of the front of his suit. Once again, though, what appealed to me was the color. Yes, among Lubavitch, brown and green actually makes me think "Color! Wow!". I wonder how they got away with it in the seventies and eighties. How come they didn't enforce the penguin look back then? But I digress.
What I really loved is Mr. Brown Suit's shoes. Acid-washed leather brown shoes. With a teeny tiny bit of a point. Awesome. I love leather shoes that have been well-worn. They have so much more character. I wonder what adventures these shoes have been in....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Snapshots - Union Square, NYC


These are a few shots I took at Union Square, when I first started the blog. In each one, what drew me were the silhouettes and colors these people chose.

The bright colors of her sweatshirt are balanced by this woman's gray pants. She keeps her silhouette clean and crisp. Perfect for running errands on a Sunday afternoon.

This cowgirl might very well be a cowboy in disguise. Your guess is as good as mine. What I liked was the pink theme that is maintained throughout the entire outfit. The contrast between the thigh high stockings and the mini mini skirt is also striking.
This woman is definitely hippie chic. Her red hair provides the color for this one, while her shirt, bag, and skirt provide a calm, soothing background. And I love how the kerchief picks up the gray from the skirt.