Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zahava - Union and Albany, Brooklyn

Zahava has incredible style. I met in her in Israel, and she had incredible style. In Israel. In seminary (Ok, she was a madricha at Machon Alte, but still, it was seminary in Israel).
This outfit just embodies so many things I love. Perfect combination, an awesome and very comfortable looking dress, nude fishnet stockings, and ankle-strap spectator pumps .
A closer look:


menuch said...

love the shoes! thanks for posting ash!!

Anonymous said...

actually thats not zahava...its rivky moss!

nameless, faceless said...

Alright, the nude fishnets? Freaking brilliant!

Anonymous said...

pretty funny that u claim to know her, its not zahava

and no, i really dont like that look

great blog! keep it up