Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Photographer - Eastern Parkway and Albany

This guy's got a casual, comfortable look, but what makes it interesting is all the details. Like the orange-framed glasses. Or the contrasting checks in his shirt and his pants (closer look below).
He takes what could be your classic bochur look - untucked shirt, crumpled pants - and adds style.

The look from behind - check out those tzitzis hanging proud!

A closer glance at his checked shirt and pants. Oh, and the adorable stuffed animal hanging from his camera bag:

His shoes were a combination of fancy French tips and worn out sneakers:


Anonymous said...

oh my :)

KayPin said...

lol...your insane now!

ilanica said...

let scandal ensue!

Ashirah said...

oh yeahhh (rubs hands delightedly)

Beachbabe said...

i know this person...he's hecht from carrol st. just letting u know cauz i know u were all so very curious:)
heeey ashira! WHERE are my rain pics??

Ashirah said...

they're comin'! i'm saving them for a rainy day ;)
hey - thanks for the id! if you happen to have any pics of well dressed gentlemen (be they related to you or not ;) feel free to send them my way, and i'll post them!

Chaya said...

it be my pleasure
i will def take u up on that offer;)

Ashirah said...

i'm waiting...!