Friday, June 20, 2008

Chaya - Kingston Ave

It's really hot and dry out here in California. So even though I told Chaya I'd be saving this shot for a rainy day, just imagining the rain is cooling me off, and I'm gonna go ahead and use it now.
Here, what caught my eye originally was Chaya's shoes. That bold 'pop' of color just makes me smile. Then it was the umbrella. I have a deep fondness for polka dots. After that, there was detail after detail that I just kept noticing. The shapes of her jacket and skirt, the round necklines, that great bag...
And great jewelry. Check out her earrings:

Those lovely, lovely shoes (and great legs to go with them!).

So cheerful and cute!


Mimi said...

Looking good Chaya!

"A deep fondness for polka dots" - Ashira, you're awesome :) And what IS it about polka dots anyways? Any why aren't they on my pallette?! :)

(Keep it coming, even though you're home!)

Cheerio said...

NO POLKA DOTS?!?! mimi, how do you survive the horror?

Chaya said...

Gosh i really do look kinda cute;)
thanx for the pics Ashira!

Mimi said...

(Well, shhh, don't tell anyone - I still find ways to wear them.)

Ashira, this is HIP IN THE HEIGHTS but you can totally do some CALI features - c'mon lets see 'em!

Rachel said...

Just came across this blog... thought I'd add- uber cool earrings, girl!

Cheerio said...

mims, i'm mixing them in, little bit by little bit... wait and watch for them!
rachel - welcome, welcome! you have the honor of being the first person i don't know to comment on this blog! (unless i do actually know you, and i just don't know it's you).
i hope you keep coming back for more!