Tuesday, July 15, 2008

College Avenue, Berkeley

Elegance. This is sheer elegance. It's got such a 1940s feel to it, the little cap sleeves, fluffy neck tie, white hat tilted at a jaunty angle - even the muted colors fit the era. I love seeing such a feminine look, and such an elegant one, unlike the short-shorts and tank tops so predominant in a college town in the summer (or any other time of the year!). And it's still fresh and modern - check out these adorable shoes:


Rachel said...

I LOVE what the shirt does around the neck. The hat... eh, not so great here. The shoes are cute, but I think the outfit would look way cuter with a proper pair of heels (something that goes with that '40s feel) and a cute hairdo (maybe with all the hair gently clipped up with a few whisps of it falling around her face?).

(Hehe, that just made me feel like those snooty magazine writers who feel the need to comment on anything and everything celebrities wear.)

Cheerio said...

i did love the way the hat made that halo around her face, though! but what really caught my eye was the dress. you just don't see something like this in california!

menuch said...

awesome! i don't love the hat... but i see why you think its cool.... i love the dress!!!