Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Danielle and Candice - Union between Albany and Kingston

Danielle and Candice are the new girls on the block. They are also the first people I photographed for this blog. I love the femininity of Danielle's purple velvet dress combined with the sturdy, almost piratelike, look of her boots. And Candice has worked magic with her rose-red theme - down the the tips of her shoes and the top of her head. And her bag is awesome!

"Pirate boots and vintage peep toes."

"Feminine yet punky bag"


ilanica said...

gentrification has never looked so good.

Ashirah said...

is that bag combined with the primness of that outfit not incredibly awesome?
i mean.... hip or dangerous, baby?

ilanica said...


KayPin said...

Love it, but a bit scary :)

Anonymous said...

hip or dangerous ashira? Hip. Good your getting good at this game!

-hippie extraordinare

menuch said...

awesome style goin on with both of them..